Monday, October 22, 2007

The Catch-up without Fries

Good morning! Another fine, fall morning and that is making me crave some sort of pumpkin-flavored concoction, but tea it is.

If you have not read the comments, Gloria and Kathyrn both had some good advice on receptionist verses DVD verse personal response to clients. Michael offered an interesting method of subliminals in response to the Sunday Question. Thanks!

Also, you maybe happy to learn that the client I mentioned last week with the lost key, found her key the very next day. She came in to tell me the good news. One of the suggestions I gave her after getting to the bottom of her block with the key was that when the pressure was off, she would remember where the key was. She said it was in a place she had not looked before and was very complimentary. I am just glad it all got resolved.

That is the thing about doing clinical hypnosis, often as a hypnotist you have no idea how the story works out. Do clients lose the weight? Do they stop smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol? I believe I may have talked about this before, perhaps even making a plea for those of you working with hypnotists to actually check in and let he or she know how hypnosis is working out. The silence is often misinterpreted, I believe. I know hypnotists who use the silence as a positive indicator that the hypnosis worked and count those clients as successes. Then I know some who do not credit it at all because maybe the client is just fed up, feels taken advantage of, or it is no longer important to the client. Which do you think is true?

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