Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Tale of a Recent Client

Way back, I agreed to keep my hypnosis practice as transparent as possible as a way to create open dialogue with other practitioners, people who are interested in the daily operations of running a hypnosis practice and for clients to know more about hypnosis. It has proven to be a fairly interesting concept (and I have enjoyed blogging with you all). However, there are times when it gets a little complicated. These are times when I am rushing about or my day was no perfect. But an agreement is an agreement.

Recently I had a client come to me for regression work to locate a missing key to her aunt's car. Her husband called to make the appointment. He was a little sketchy with the details and I assumed it was the normal cannot find the keys issue. Silly inference on my part. There is no normal. Normal is a baseline average.

So I met with her. The keys simply were not lost. She had put them away somewhere where her aunt would not find them. Her aunt was involved in drugs and is currently serving a bit of a lengthy jail term. The keys were originally hidden so that the aunt would be forced to stay with family members and change her ways. And now that the aunt is incarcerated, the husband of my client wants her to remember where the keys are so that they can move the car out of the garage.

Well, we did fine at first. Then it appeared that there was a block when it came to the keys. We deepened the hypnosis and tried several methods to get around the block. No go. No keys. So we went in search of what was going on with the block. It turns out that she has lost all trust of her aunt and is tired of the turmoil. The keys will not surface until the trust is regained.

The client was okay with this and felt she understood herself a lot more. Her husband, sadly, was not as happy. The car is blocking some of his sports equipment.

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