Sunday, October 28, 2007


As I continue my research for my football playing client, thoughts of cheating come to mind. No, it is not what you think. I certainly will not give suggestions that he do so to get ahead in school. But the question comes about as to whether or not having improvement surgery is cheating, this includes for better eye site, weight loss, or plastic surgery. My client asked me about this and if I thought such things would be cheating.

And I realized I have been assuming a hypocritical demeanor. I have openly scoffed at liposuction and line reducing injections (I am so sorry for any offense you may be taking in reading this). But in really examining it, I find that thought line is totally wrong and hypocritical. If one choses those routes to feel better or to enhance life, then so be it. If these things were cheating, then would not hypnosis be cheating as well? It is some what on the same plan, using a tool to enhance life.

So no, I do not think hypnosis or surgery for non-medical conditions is cheating. It is the means to an end, or for personal change.

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