Monday, October 15, 2007

A Green Resource

Since we are on the green topic today, it is always good to have resources available for those who are making lifestyle choices. A lot of times when people hear the words "green," "organic," or "environmental friendly," dollar signs appear in the thought process. but there are ways to make this typeof life-style more affordable.

The resource I have in mind to make purchasing these items is actually a guide to North Carolina nature, entertainment and culture, called, which has
Coupon Codes for merchant coupons to several main stream companies, but often these companies feature green products. When you click on a link from their page and purchase a product, receives a small referral fee. The way it works is that you find a merchant you like and click on the link. Before the site redirects you to the store, you are given a coupon code. You will need to write it down and use it at the end of your purchase transaction.

There are a couple of sites that do offer environmentally friendly products. One is Sephora, a make-up and beauty product company that has an ecco-friendly line. By clicking on the link, you will be shown Sephora coupons. Also, Zappos coupons can also be found on the site. Zappos offers several shoe brands, such as Earth shoes, that are environmentally friendly. Both of these examples are also products that are health friendly as well, in the sense that the products themselves can make you feel good.

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