Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Explain or to Video the Pre-talk - The Crux of the Portable DVD Player

My 200th post on this blog. Wow. That is a lot of writing and a lot of reading. For those of you who are still with me, thanks for hanging in there!

Today, I am pondering the client experience. I am in a quandary. Some hypnotists believe it is better to meet the client the moment they walk through the door and escort them through the entire process from intake, to pre-talk, and through the session. There are other hypnotists who have a waiting room, receptionist and an assistant who does the pre-talk, then directs the client into the session with the hypnotist. Then there are those who greet the client and after having the client fill out the intake, show a video that explains the hypnotic process, the hypnotist's philosophy, answers general questions and addresses mythology. Then the session begins.

Well, I am definitely the first type. Many times I would like to be the second, but I am not quite ready for that yet. And now I am contemplating becoming the third type.

I have been reluctant to do this because I have not wanted to have a television in my space. I hate the way they look. I know I could put it in an armoire to hide it, but that seems like a lot of hassle (and not to mention heavy). So a potential solution would be to get a portable DVD player. It could live in a storage unit and be taken out just for the introduction. This would be real handy when there are multiple people in the office. I could set it up in a different room easily enough. However, the size of the screen could be an issue. Well, Digitalframez.com offers a portable 10 inch DVD player that seems like a decent size. It is actually made for use in vehicles (which might be a nice bonus in my personal life when traveling and such), so it has rechargeable batteries that last four hours or can use a car lighter to run it. Other things that it includes are a TV-tuner (Mythbusters watch out) and can play DivX formats (compressed files). It will also play video from a USB flash drive. Pretty versatile.

Now the question is, do I use it in my pre-talk or not? Any thoughts or experiences?

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