Friday, October 5, 2007

Conversion Tactics

It has been a good day all in all and now I can breathe for a moment. The coffee is good.

Earlier I posted about Dick Sutphen's view of brain washing and how certain churches use specific methods to relay their messages. Like Dr. Singer's seven tactics to create mind control, Dick Sutphen has six conversion tactics.

Conversion tactic 1: Meetings are held in places where participants have no contact with the outer world. Everything is regulated by those in charge included eating and using the bathroom. This creates tension. Also in tactic one, Sutphen offers another piece of information that should perhaps be a tactic to itself. It is the idea of keeping an "agreement." Participants vow or are bullied into vowing they will keep their agreements. Then they agree to finish the training, etc.

Conversion tactic 2: This I think could be part of tactic 1. It is the idea that the schedule is one that creates fatigue, both mentally and physically. There is no opportunity for reflection or relaxation.

Conversion tactic 3: Tension is increased

Conversion tactic 4: An element of uncertainty is created, often by putting people on the spot.

Conversion tactic 5: Words are then used that are often not really known by the participants. This is similar to insider information, using words the the elite know and use. Mean spirited language may also be used.

Conversion tactic 6: There is no joy until the conversion happens. Once there are signs that this has happened then humor may come into play.

I am a little vague on some of these because Sutphen does a great job disseminating all this and more. I also do not want anyone to think I am giving instructions for brain washing. It is merely good to know how things work. It gives you more of a choice at various times.

Interestingly enough, I noticed yesterday that Moira Noonan who I quoted yesterday in the posting about the Catholic Church's stance on hypnosis, was at one time very active in the New Age Thought Movement and was a hypnotist. Later, she completely admits to having several "conversion experiences" and renounced her New Age Ways. I find all this relates. Did she experience the conversion tactics mentioned above? What is real with her and what is not?

Click here to read Dick Sutphen's Article.

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