Thursday, January 3, 2008

Maybe You Would Rather Try This - Permissive Hypnosis

Life is settling back down after the holidays and here we are, back to our long, and oh, so drawn out discussion on forms of hypnosis. To briefly recap (it has been a while), we discussed our working definition of hypnosis, the intake process, pre-talk, the analytic client, progressive relaxation, traditional hypnosis, analytic inductions, and left off with authoritative hypnosis. So that brings us to permissive hypnosis.


A little off putting, perhaps? Do you find yourself reacting better to statements such as, "would you like to do this? Maybe you would rather do that? When your subconscious mind absorbs these suggestions..." These are the difference between authoritative and permissive hypnosis techniques. One tells you what to do, the other plays to the idea of allowing you to feel in control at all times, along with the idea of still making decisions for yourself.

Perhaps you have found yourself thinking, "I'd like to try hypnosis, but the idea of not being in control during the hypnotic process is really scary (or insert adjective here)." Well, relax my friend, you are so in luck. Permissive hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that optimizes the client control experience. It is a kinder, gentler hypnotic structure. It engages the thinking mind and ask questions of it, allowing you to control where you go, what you do, and what you experience in the session.

If you are the type who rebels against authority and fears the loss of control, permissive hypnosis is very much akin to total self, hypnosis. You are left feeling like you came up with your solution (which ultimately you do in any form of hypnosis).

For the hypnotist who finds that they are not so pleased with being authoritarian, permissive techniques may be a strength. It allows you to gently guide the client where they need to go.


Subconscious Mind said...

Thanks for the great and motivating post! I fully agree with you especially on letting your subconscious mind help you achieve success. Do check out, they have a whole host of interesting and helpful articles.

Michael Raugh, C.H. said...

Permissive is my style all over. It's the way I was taught, so it's the way my mind tends to go when I'm working with someone.

Occasionally I'll run into a client who really wants to be given orders, in which case I'll go more authoritarian, but most seem to like the permissive style. I think it reminds them in a subtle way that it's really their mind, not any mystical power of mine, that is doing the work.


Debbie said...

Having met Michael at the NGH conference, I can understand his approach. He is genuinely one of the most gentle individuals, without being whimpy, you could ever meet. He has a great sense of humor and timing, which I believe helps him assist his clients into success.