Friday, January 11, 2008

Lessons Learned

I have thought long and hard about posting this, and almost let it go by the way side. But then a little resource made itself know to me and I decided I could put it all together under one post and it would be so appropriate. So here goes...

Since beginning this blog, I have occasionally written about health insurance resources. When I sat down at the keyboard to type those particular post, I always had certain clients in mind who had trouble with their health insurance. Never did I think it would be me. Sigh.

So here I am, a week since I first discovered I am without health insurance, or for the very scary part of it - three months since I have been covered. Okay, how cynical I used to be. This would never happen to me. But it has. And why, you ask? Simply because I was six days over the grace period. Yes, indeed, it is my fault, even though I have never missed a payment and because a certain blue based health insurance company with a cross to bear was obtuse in letting me know my account had elapsed. All envelopes from them look the same. No change of envelope color; no bold print that said "cancellation." Since I pay online, I admit I got way too comfortable in not taking the minute required to notice that they were not the same old same bills. And, after my broker tried to rationalize with the company, I was denied. Guess the person in charge must be having a filthy hard week (or is just another cog in the monster machine of that certain monopoly).

I post this as a lesson learned and for any one else who is too comfortable in their bill paying habits, unless you are infallible, for gosh sakes, PAY ATTENTION! Though a learning experience for me, it has been not much fun.

Is there more, you ask?

Yes. Because I think little for the compassion of the company mentioned above, I have decided mix it up with a product review. That's right, you mean old company, I am moving on without you! I had been planning to buy a new pair of glasses (blind as a bat, don't you know), but it has began looking bleak as the bills for December's medical test are rolling in. And by gosh, there I found it - a Great Discovery:, glasses starting at $8 a pair ($4.95 for shipping and a little more for certain coatings). Something positive this week. Some people like shoes - I like cool frames (and they are cool). I think the most expensive pair is for progressive lens and glasses at $37. I also checked them out at eOpinions and they received a rating of three and a half stars. So, I am going to down my sorrows with something a bit more than tea and order a pair or two of new glasses.

Take that Blue Cross.

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