Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got it Covered?

It has now been several days since the new iPod touch came into my life. And as mentioned in my first post about it, it has become like a new appendage. It has made blogging easier, as it is so much lighter to tote about than the laptop. I can leave the heavy bags in the office and skip down the street to a coffee shop with much lighter burdens.

However, unlike my natural appendages, it takes much less of an effort to scratch its surface. So in my wandering, I have been looking for an ipod case or protector that might increase its life span (or okay, yes, its surface appearance).

The invisibleSHIELD™ looks like a potential solution. It is a heavy duty clear film that goes over the surface or the entire body of items such as telephones, computers and yes, the iTouch. Apparently, it is made from the same protective material that goes over leading edges of helicopter blades so that they do not get marred by surface issues caused by rocks and such. According to its specs, the Full body Shield for the iTouch is only .2 millimeters thick. If it ever does wear or scratch, the company will replace it.

Has anyone tried this on their iPods?

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ShadowKnight said...

I haven't tried it, but am looking for a similar solution for my new iPod Classic. I do not want to hide its design in a silicon glove or leather wallet and want something clear. I hope someone responds on the validity of the product as I am a potential client.