Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Quicky

I know, I know, I promised Ellie's favorite five next. But please forgive me. It got suddenly busy here and I am still narrowing the five down.

However, this morning, you may notice some changes here at the transparent hypnotist. Along with my practice, I am fairly consistent when it comes to branding. After designing the blog for The Unwinding Path, I decided to make this blog more in tune with that, rather than using the generic blogspot template. So, I hope you like it. And I will have you know, that I almost put a subtle, earthy pink in the background of the site, but thought it might be too feminine for the ideals of the site.

Also, a month or so ago, I entered yet another competition with a silly video. The link at the time for voting was not active. I have been in formed that it is now. The post is here. The voting is here if you are so inclined.

I will leave you with an interesting thing I learned yesterday. When I was having my shoulder worked on by the massage therapist, she mentioned my pain was probably related to stress. But she gave some great advice. When we get stressed (not the little stress, but the bigger more all-of-a-sudden type) our body releases adrenaline and cortisol. We need an outlet for it and a way to counteract that is to exercise soon after the stress occurs. Simple, eh?

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