Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Compassion Challenges

The morning is going a little too quickly today, so this is just a brief check in. I plan to be back a bit later with Ellie's Favorite Five Permissive Hypnotic Scripts (I hope). Today consist of clients and a massage that will hopefully resolve my shoulder issue.

Have you been watching the progress at The Unwinding Path? Perhaps you are quietly participating, too?

And there is something else that I thought I would mention quickly because it has really come to light in my life. There have already been several challenges that have faced me in the early days of 2008. And I have come to realize how tenuous the tightrope is on the road to evolution and enlightenment. I suppose the universe must test it self out to see where we are in the process.Sometimes, I am not very evolved at all, and it is like getting a kick to the stomach area. Some of the challenges are dealing with companies with no compassion, soulless entities with robot-like customer service people. It is so easy to get wrapped up in that muck when it deluges life. But I guess that is the challenge, remaining compassionate within myself and with my clients. I find I become persnickety, critical, and two faced. Now mostly people do not see this, but I feel it none the less. So, I have adopted a stance that is similar to the when you feel awful and down, that is the best time to throw a party. Mine is when compassion within others is at a minimum (or non-existent), that is the time to be even more compassionate to yourself and others.

So, anyone have any other ideas for keeping the light of compassion on during time of darkness? Or perhaps one of you has a good story that speaks of your own limitless compassion when you yourself could use some? (Hmmm. 50 entrecredits and/or my appreciation for an answer I like).


FerdC ~ Crazy Medical Cases said...

Hi, Ellie,
Certainly my patients do not deserve the brunt of the wrath I feel against insurance companies. In the past, when I was at my most emotional, I had to make strong mental efforts to stay in the moment, focused on my patient and the problem at hand. I could then be the compassionate person I think I am.
Today, things are even better. Three years ago I started a prepaid medical practice. Some call it concierge medicine. My patients pay a yearly fee to belong to a small, high service practice. I like it and they like it. I'm not dependent on insurance companies anymore. Many of the external hassles of being a medical provider have disappeared, and I can enjoy the doctor patient relationship as it was meant to be.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...


That is brilliant. That does sound so much better than insurance. Is this a current trend with doctors?


Thanks for answering my Parkinson's' questions.