Monday, January 14, 2008

Unwinding Paths to Pnosis

So there you are! Do you have your coffee or tea? It is a tea morning for me, nothing out of the ordinary, I am afraid.

But, today is out of the ordinary. Today I began Sophie Nicholl's Hypnotic Journaling Process on the new blog, The Unwinding Path. It is never to late to join in, you know? So do p, check it out.

Also, has featured me as a distinguished hypnotist, or rather it really features this blog very nicely. A huge thank you to Ralph Benko for giving me this honor.

As for the Sunday Question and what do I do for release from the chaos of life? Well, now really, you probably already know the answer - I do self-hypnosis. Actually, I do a form of self-hypnosis and meditation to come to a place of emptiness (in the Buddhist sense). It usually begins with a count down and letting go more and more on each number.

How 'bout you?

So all in all, a great start to the day.

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