Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If You Could Just Rent A Video

An innocent sniff. The words, "This is so cool." And a habit is about to be developed, There are numbers that are always bandied about for how many times it take for something to become a full-fledged habit. Last one I recall was 21. If any of you out there have the actual numbers and citations, please let me know. And then there are the addictive substances - cigarettes, maybe even inhalants, various drugs, and before you know there is an addiction.

My heart breaks for the various parents I see who to come me for their own issues and somewhere during the appointment unload the woes of raising children. At best, I am just a listener; at worse I have no first hand idea about what it is like to raise a child. But because I sit on one side of the desk, it seems as though I am thought to have the answers. In the end, I have only resources to offer.

But, I suspect raising children and dealing with the various issues that are likely to come up is much like hypnosis. The answers come from within. You are your children's first and best teachers. The answers come from within and from experience. How do I get my answers? I look it up or I use Smartflicks (rental how tos). But in the case of parenting, there is Much like Netflicks and SmartFlicks, you create list their queue, pay a monthly fee, and the videos (or DVDs) begin arriving. You have your children watch them and return them at your leisure. And though these are technically for you to show your child, you yourself will probably learn a lot of what you could do yourself. It could bring on discussions, or even bonding (there is that word again). You it might give you an idea what you are dealing with and the knowledge that you are not alone. These are not long drawn out deals either. Some are 15 minutes, though there are a few that are much longer.

Though I do not have children of my own, I am seriously thinking this resource may be a good one for anyone who works with children as well. There have been many times in the past when I wish I had even an inkling of advice or advocacy that might have soothed a soul out there in this realm.

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