Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ellie's Favority Five -Permissive Hypnosis Scripts

It has turned out that this little feature is harder than I thought originally. There really are not that many sites out there who give away their scripts and then finding ones I like creates a challenge.

So, we continue on our discussion of forms of hypnosis. We have been talking about permissive hypnosis.

Here are some fine examples of permissive hypnosis scripts:

R.A.Neves - Permission To Trance: Multi-Purpose Permissive Script - this is a wonderfully permissive induction.

David Mason - Hypnosis Script: Sitting an Exam or Test - David actually analyzes his script on this page, dividing it into sections and for each, gives information, so it is a wonderful learning tool.

Terrance Watts - Permissive Quit Smoking Script - This is not the first time Terrance has been one of my favorites. To use this script, you would need to do an induction and deepener first.

American Pacific University - Creative Abilities - a short script that is used after an induction and deepener, this one relies on letting the client fill in the blanks. It does not specifically point the client in a given direction, but allows the client to create their own ideas.

Dan Elliott - Skin Problems This is an interesting script that walks the line a bit between permissive and authoritative, but it falls closer to the former. Again you would need an induction and a deepener to add to this.

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