Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's Pregnancy Problem

I have a problem this morning and it has nothing to do with hypnosis, other than taking me totally away from it for a few moments. It is a problem that is breaking my heart and driving me mad. But, I shall blog about it because it is what is going on in the transparent hypnotist's life at the moment.

in a I had a visitor arrive two nights ago and she has not left, at least I think it is a she, a pregnant she. Sure, you are thinking, why Ellie, this is perfect, with her condition, there are many ways you could her and what better way to spread the good word about hypnosis. The problem is I doubt she would understand except for things happening at the Alpha level. This visitor is a cat. She is an extremely beautiful cat, well-mannered as such, and very friendly. She has taken up residence on a scrap of newspaper (now a towel that I donated to her cause last night) on the back porch. She is huddled against the wall. Since has refused to leave that spot, even with the threat of my male Tom around, I think there is more to the picture. That is why I think she is pregnant.

I spoke with the local veterinarian to see if anyone had reported her missing. No go. But as I talked with him, he told me to feel her belly if she would let me and see if I felt any hard lumps (babies). And yes, there are a couple of rather large lumps. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

I have not feed her. I cannot keep her. My house is way too small for another animal (and I am not sure the allergies could sustain it). I also have an aging, slightly sick indoor cat that prefers the idea of being an only cat.

Oh woe. What to do? What to do?


jyackley01 said...

That's so kind of you to think of this needy cat. If you are willing, you may be able to take her into the vet to have an early-term spay, which takes care of the problem of more unwanted stray kittens. It also prevents mom from getting pregnant again. I'd also contact local rescue groups to see if they have an opening for her. You'll probably want to avoid animal control, since more than likely, she'll be put to sleep before her kittens arrive.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Here is what I have found out - the shelters will indeed put her down because she is pregnant (at least I think she is). The rescue place have no room and nothing can be done for her before Monday. One local group says they think they can adopt out the kittens once they are weened. So, at the present, I am getting a radiant heat source (one that works with body heat) and putting it in a covered box for her to help keep her warm and I guess I'll just do the best I can.

jyackley01 said...

That's very kind of you! You'll have to keep me updated.

HoundsGood said...

I wouldn't let the rescue contacts drop so they won't forget about you, because kitten season is right around the corner. Keep in touch fewquently. Once it hits, they may change their tune just because everyone came out of the woodwork with kittens to place.
I would try to expand my network and not just contact that one rescue but contact others just in case - look up your zipcode on petfinder and find cat-only or multispecies rescues to see if anyone can take her sooner.

The best way to prevent extra cats from showing up is to neuter your Tom cat (i assume he is not neutered because you call him a Tom). He won't be attracting females of breeding age to your home, and he won't be attracting other intact males who are out to defend their territory.

Thanks for caring about this kitty.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks HoundsGood! So true and good advice.