Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting Out of the Vacuum

For those who are keeping up or are mildly interested in the projects being pursued on The Unwinding Path, for day two on Sven's Creative Workbook's first exercise, I used my sheet of paper to plan for upcoming projects on that blog. Because it is so easy to get immersed or drowned in what we do, for the first long project there, I am going to undertake the exercises in The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. You may think it is not very hypnotic to do so, but I think it is a fine project to allow creativity to flourish and rejuvenate. To stay locked up only in hypnosis is to create a vacuum.

I am posting this as a head's up if anyone wants to participate as well, even if you do it quietly in the privacy of your own life. The benefits of doing things like this together are large - it creates a support system (okay, how about just bonding a bit). And if you paid attention to the first project we did last week, which was Hypnotic Journaling, the author joined us through out the process. I am not sure it gets better than that, unless of course you have a private workshop with the creator of the project. Also this week, Sven checked in on his project.

So, here is the loose plan for The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - we will start at the beginning on February 4. We might want to order your copy soon. Stay tuned.

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