Monday, January 21, 2008

End Notes on the Hypnotic Journaling Project

Did you follow the progress of our hypnotic journaling process at The Unwinding Road last week? After doing Sophie Nicholl's five days of exercises, I finally reviewed the book and its process on Saturday.

Here is an excerpt from that review:

Though for some, just the idea of hypnosis can be intimidating, this book is a grand way to learn about the value of using self-hypnosis processes to gain insight into one’s self. For those who do not currently use self-hypnosis or meditation, Sophie provides narrative instructions for beginning the process. It is possible for one to come through this experience wondering if indeed they did experience a hypnotic state. That is the brilliance of it all, any self-hypnosis really, that it is not a complicated process or hard to achieve. It is merely a turning within and letting the reality of the subconscious mind present itself.

Even though I am an avid user of self-hypnosis, this was a delightfully refreshing way to experience inner communication in a creative context. Sometimes I become a little too cocky in my own self-awareness and think I have it all figured out. But, this is so rarely the case, as I experience during the week I tried out Sophie’s concepts. Much came to light that had little to do with anything conscious. It has been humbling in that notion.

We will be starting a new project momentarily, so stay tuned.

Also, our condolences go to Lily Allen, our celebrity poster-child for hypnosis. She had decided to give up smoking recently when she found out she was pregnant. Sadly, she had a miscarriage. (Source: The Press Association)

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