Monday, January 7, 2008

And So Another Monday

Alas, the weekend is over and here I am, a tad frustrated. Between my own health insurance boggle and starting the new blog, which I manage to keep crashing, here I am with a cup of tea that has grown cold.

So, I suppose I will answer my own Sunday question about - When working on self-change or helping others with their desired changes, do you find you do better with a permissive or authoritarian style?

The answer would be that I do better on both accounts with permissiveness. I am not one to tell someone how it is unless forced to do so. I see it as forcing a moment to its crisis. But as Michael has said, there are times for being authoritarian as a hypnotist. I used to flounder around, but now if it is what it takes in the process, it is what it takes.

Now to catch-up:

If you were keeping up with the Blog Battle Royale III, congratulations to Courtney for once again (third time in a row) winning the contest. It was well deserved. But huge thank you to those who supported my entry as well. FOr the short time i had to put it together, I though I did okay.

And you may remember me posting about a friend who was trying to decide between being hypnotized to lose the urge to date or just jumping into the frog pond of being an available single. She ended up with the latter. But occasionally I mention where she is in the process. We talked about dating agencies and such. She is rather neutral in that experience, but her intuitions have told her that she needs to be careful out there. There is aDate Screening Website out there for just this purpose. Sorry guys, is one for women that targets abusive and cheating men through a rating scale. I also feel there should be one that does the same with women. But, for my male readers, you might want to just make sure you are not on the list. That would be awful. However, I do think such resources are necessary. Abuse should not be tolerated. I see a lot of aftermath from abusive relationships and it is always heart breaking.

So, that's that. I am still working on the new blog that I had hoped to unveil Friday, but it was more complicated than I thought. Stay tuned for that, as well as more on permissive hypnosis.

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