Monday, January 28, 2008

End Notes on the Paper Project and Things that are Upcoming

Well, I am back on track and ready for the week ahead. How about you?

To catch us up, we have just completed a project at The Unwinding Path. You know it is never to late to participate in these projects, even if you do not participate on the blog. This past one, taken from Sven's Creative Workbook, turned out to be completely worthwhile.

Here is an excerpt from the final review:

So, I created To Do Lists on the notepaper of my daily organizer (typed up real pretty and little more vague here to maintain my sanity and ideas - I will keep you posted on my progress and you may eventually see the note paper). These list ranged from an upcoming project, to personal crisis management, to educational interests, programming on this blog, and marketing.

What did I gain from it all? I gained pathways with specific direction in how to proceed. My paper usage ended up being more toward brainstorming, but it showed me the possibilities. It stopped the frantic “what do I have to do today” and added some calm.

Now here is my question to you, do you create To Do List and actually use them or follow through?

And moving on a bit, what does this week bring with the transparent hypnotist? Well, you might just find a little somethin', somethin' on:
  • animal hypnosis
  • continuing forms of hypnosis discussion
  • resources from the fathers of hypnosis
  • Friday's 10 Questions with Paul Knight
  • whatever is going on in my hypnotic world

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