Friday, January 25, 2008

Contemplating Atlanta

I have thrown my hands up to providence and am in hopeful resignation. Cats, practice, marketing, I am taking a mental break and reconsidering the idea of going to Hypnoticon 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. It is looking as peaceful as my most quietly fulfilling days at the office.

My Mum for some odd reason has an Atlanta phobia (though I am not sure she has ever been there), so the first time I visited that city (two years ago), how surprised I was by its total civility. Maybe there is traffic congestion, which is made up for by the hospitality one may receive when one opts to avoid the traffic and patronage some fine establishment for refreshment. Now granted my experience is based on an afternoon on Peachtree Street and the High Museum of Art. And it is always at such places that I find an inner peace in the quietness of contemplation. I still believe museums, especially ones with well-done sculpture halls are the greatest places to meditate. So, I have put aside my mum's fears and look most forward to the potential of a great hypnosis conference in Atlanta. There could be enlightenment there.

There is also a great tour package that includes the High Museum of Art and other notable places in Atlanta by Trusted Tours & Attractions. This same company also offers several other sightseeing tours that may be of interest as well. They are currently running a contest for a free GPS called "Win Handheld GPS - Newsletter." To enter, all you need to do is sign up for their free newsletter by clicking here.

If you are thinking about going the conference (February 1 -3) or read this blog and live in Atlanta, please let me know.

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