Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Sound of Advertising

Listen to the sound of my voice.

This is a common phrase in the hypnosis world. The sound of a voice can be extremely important (though I do know hypnotists who feel differently). If a client likes the sound of your voice, I believe, they are more likely to buy an audio. Or if someone listens to a sample of an audio and finds the voice appealing, well, then, they may probably, again, buy an audio.

But what about hearing a voice or sounds when you open a web site or a blog? Is this a good thing? Does it entice you to do a particular action, or do you ignore it? Does it affect you on a subconscious level? Do you become oblivious to it or is it annoying? Do you even have the sound turned on your computer on so you can even hear such things? Would it cause you to stop visiting a particular site?

These are the questions running through my mind about the new Pay Per Play Ads that are now available as a way to create extra income from a blog (or web site). The premise is that the ad takes up no space on the site (like google ads), but plays a five second commercial when the site is opened. Most will be targeted to the theme of the site, hence, if I did it here, the ads would be about hypnosis and such.

So, this is an option for those of us running blogs and those of us who enjoy reading them. Are you for it or against it? Please let me know your thoughts. Since you are my audience, this is important.


Michael Raugh, C.H. said...

When I open a website and hear sound, I take two actions immediately:

1 - I hit the Mute button!
2 - Barring a VERY strong reason not to, I close the browser and never go to that site again.

I'm not against multimedia, just against having it thrust in my face without asking first.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for answering, Michael. I really appreciate it. This sort of feedback is important and helps me know what directions to go. (And I'd hate to lose you!)

PhiRatE said...

Yeah, I hate audio on sites as well. i almost always close the site to make it shut up :)

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Noted Phirate. Thanks!