Monday, January 7, 2008

Birth Announcement of the New Blog

The Transparent Hypnotist
is pleased to announce
the birth of her second blog,
The Unwinding Path.
Born at sometime this afternoon
on the seventh of January 2008,
it is a healthy blog
with its own RSS feed and domain.

For those who are curious about why I choose to add a new blog into the mix, well, it was time to learn a little bit more about blogging (on one's own domain) and it seems like it should stand on its own. Basically, the Unwinding Path is all about exploring various self-improvement programs and plans. We will go through the processes and experiences online. I hope you will join me!

We will also continue to post here when we start a new project, as well as checking in periodically with the results.

So what is the first process? We mentioned it a little while ago and you read about her on Friday - Hypnotic Journaling with Sophie Nichols.

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