Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Changing for the Better

Back to tea in the mornings. Years ago I heard that coffee is considered a "hot" beverage in the realm of Chinese medicine. This means that it has high acidity and can cause digestive problems. Tea on the other hand, is a "cold" beverage (yes, even when served hot). For those who have an imbalance of hot or digestive problems, cold is the way to go. So, back to hot tea it is.

In beginning the baby months of the New Year, I have seen two phenomenon in the world of change and resolution. The first is the ever increasing idea to not have a New Year's Resolution. Hats off to those who go this route, unless of course your resolution has been well thought out and you are ready to make certain changes. Resolutions for the sake of having a resolution seem a bit doomed. So, if you are one of those lovely people who made a spontaneous resolution for the New Year, I also say hats off. (Yes I am fence sitting again). Do not tax yourself too much with the stress of change if you are finding it as such. Just let it be a source of inspiration and the door to perhaps a longer process of thoughtful change.

Now here is the other phenomenon that gets my goat. I have heard a lot about other people desiring to force change on someone else. Shame on you! Worry about yourself and rather than coercing or convincing someone else to change, be a support mechanism for change. State your view in a respectful manner (seriously, I mean respectful, no underhanded passive aggressiveness). If the person you want to change is doing something truly awful, express your concern and caring. You may not condone what they do, but it is up to them to change, not you. If they change because you want them to and this is the only reason, you may become the center of their resentment. If you truly cannot live with what they are doing, your only option may be to change yourself to deal with it.

And, for those who I know who engage in this behavior - coercion or underhanded manipulative nastiness, none of you, not one of you, is in a position to expect change from others. Work on yourselves. For the energy you expend engaging others to change, the energy would be better spent opening yourselves and finding kindness and more self-esteem.

Sorry. But I think with the start of 2008, it is best to get that out in the open. Touch love, really.

And soon, we will move back into the more studious discussions of forms of hypnosis.

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