Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Esoteric Hypnosis Theatre

Often in movies and theatre, hypnosis is considered "spell binding" or at the very least, mysterious. For those of us who practice it or enjoy it, it is something completely different. That is not to say the mystique and romance are gone, more it is just the difference between a crush and a true relationship. With a crush, traits are often idealized, where as in a long-term relationships reality sets in and the relationship deepens or dies.

Perhaps that is why playwright and clinical psychologist Bob Clyman's new play called Tranced may be most interesting for us. Currently running in Laguna Beach at the Laguna Playhouse, one can hope that it embraces the reality of hypnosis and is more truthful in its interpretation. Sadly, I am no where near by to see the show, so if any of you do, please report back on your impressions.

Clyman did offer a very poignant quote in the OC register that impressed me:

"A lot of the time, people assume that I get these great story ideas from my patients...But a lot of the most interesting things that your patients tell you aren't really the point of why they're there. Anecdotes and colorful stories are often a distraction. As a therapist you can be seduced and entertained by them, but that's often not the story they need to tell, not the problem you need to look at."

The basic plot is about a graduate student who suffers from panic attacks. The good doctor helps her using hypnotherapy to uncover repressed memories. These memories ultimately are based on past torture created by political powers.

Though hypnosis is the mechanism for the story, the play is considered more of a political drama.

The O.C. Register
The Laguna Playhouse

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