Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still Testing

We are still puttering along our exploration of forms of hypnosis. So far, we have covered traditional hypnosis and elements that are inherent in it and other types of hypnosis. These include intake procedures, the pre-talk, and testing a person's hypnotizability. We have also covered a few types of inductions including progressive relaxation and those that are analytical.

If you are blinking at this screen and wondering when I discussed hypnotizability, you will find the beginnings of it in my posts on analytic testing. To sum that up, there are test that help the hypnotist know how the client is dealing with certain information, in other words, do they think and analyze the suggestions or do they tend to be more suggestible.

Bill balked a bit at this discussion, and I have to say I tend to agree with him. He mentioned that the way I described it, it sounded more like personality typing, which really is not the case most of the time. As I have come to learn, I am not so sure the idea of analytic testing is the correct idea.

Sometimes the testing is done under other names and ideas, which I find more appropriate. These include permissive, authoritarian, and or resistant (a word that several hypnotists feel should be removed from the hypnosis glossary). Testing may also be done to understand how you process information.

So, stay tuned as we discuss all this and more.

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