Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Esoteric Chance to Help

Ah, breathing time. Coffee time. Life is good.

And as promised, I am back for an Esoteric Saturday. The topic of today's post is one of hope and mind set. It also heralds from the news, but really is not trivial.

Today's topic is the story about PC Hilario Riviero, a police officer. His is a positive story (hopefully) about self-healing. When responding to an incident in Buen Intento, Princes Town, he was badly beaten and is now at the San Fernando General Hospital. He has been there for a month with spinal and renal injuries after attempting to intervene in an attack on a woman and instead was beaten himself by a father and son team.

Because his injured leg has gone numb, surgery seems a likely consequence. However Riviero is working on self-healing through having a positive mind set and using hypnosis techniques. He has been reading books about the subject. Both he and others believe they see improvement. Where he was not able to move, there is some movement now.

When I read stories like this, I have the huge urge to locate the person involved and voluntarily offer my services to help them. But in this case, it is huge urge with no funds to do so. But...but...maybe just of you might be in a position to help? If you are in the Trinidad area, perhaps this is an opportunity to provide a random act of kindness...The hospital's phone number is 1-868-652-3581.

The Trinidad and Tobago Express

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