Monday, December 17, 2007

Ellie's Act of Kindness - A Guided Meditation

It is finally ready, a bit spur of the moment, but an act of kindness none the less. When considering doing an act of kindness, it seems like big things come to mind - helping others in need, volunteering, and so on. But I have always been an advocate of the everyday human, you know the one, perhaps similar to yourself, who takes care of their own needs and such. Well, this type of human also should have kindness granted (absolutely, do I hear an amen?). That is my focus.

I decided to do something close to the heart of the blog, and therefore have created a a short guided meditation (mp3) for anyone who wants to rediscover kindness. This download (free of course) is 14 minutes long and features no subliminal messages. It is not straight out hypnosis, but close.

Basically it is a relaxation audio that guides the listener through visualizations to inspire and remember kindnesses granted and given.

Please enjoy!

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