Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ideas for Staying Healthy This Season

So, have you added heavy whipping cream to your coffee beverage yet? LOL. Today, I am back to tea. One can only indulge so much...Moderation.

Thank you to all the well-wishers who watched my silly video yesterday morning. It is off the topic a bit, but alas, it is part of my blogging life. Hope you enjoyed it.

With weather changes and winter months upon us in the States, I always wonder how many of our colds and flu symptoms may be caused through the act of suggestion. Could it be more than cemetery weather? I have had an influx of clients who are suddenly facing depression (sun light deprivation, maybe?) and it seems like once those sad thoughts enter into the mix, their immunity for staying well seems to decrease. It seems a common phrase around here "It's that time of year, you know how it is." (Hence the expectation to get sick). I would love to say, "No, I don't," but that would be untrue. Whether it is my own personal stress of holiday expectations (did I get the right gift for that person), more contact with people (those holiday parties) or picking up on how others feel, I do experience a little less than optimum heath opportunities. I suspect I am not alone.

I have been reading Virtual Juice Daily, a web site that offers tips and information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On Tuesday, they ran an article called Bah-hum that Bug that I feel is particularly poignant for all of us. It offers ideas such as drinking rosehip tea (guess that is right up my alley - how about you?) to the idea about making sure you get enough exercise and wash your hands (do not rub your eyes). My partner feels that this last idea may be a bit trickier. He believes that by carrying around hand sanitizers and using them every time you come into contact with others, this lessens your natural immunity to germs. I still find myself preferring to avoid sickness, though.

Oh, this same web site also mentioned something interesting that may helps those of us who are involved in the weight loss industry. It is a food craving chart. It talks about typical cravings and what they may be a sign of, or what it is that your body really needs.

Visit Vital Juice Daily and try a glass of rosehip tea.

Also, if you have any suggestions on keeping the body and mind healthy during the holiday season, we would love to hear your suggestions or thoughts.

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