Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gone A Calling

Good morning again. Finally got the toast setting just right, so no burned toast today. As it is another day that is off to a flying start, I fear, I really cannot speak much about scholastic hypnosis. But maybe a little latter today I will continue sloughing through forms of hypnosis.

For now, thought I would just mention another cool blogging tool I have found to help with visitation. It is called You will notice it on the lower right column of this blog. What is it is an an Internet calling card, much like the calling cards of the Victorian period. When you visit a site that has one, you click "drop yours here" and it tells the owner of the site that you visited them. Then they can visit your site. Hence social networking taken to a new level. The more you "call" on others, the more advertising opps., meaning that your calling card will appear on someone else's page.

This is what it looks like:

Please drop yours and I will visit you in return. Also, if you would like to leave your entrecard information in the comment section here, you are welcome to do so. Others may visit you.


Sam Freedom said...

Greetings, glad to see you're diving into the Entrecard phenom with "the rest of us." It's quite a fascinating little application. Despite all kinds of "academic" analysis as to whether or not it's quality traffic, it's got quite a grip on the hearts and minds of traffic seekers everywhere - and growing fast.

To gently assist fellow bloggers, and crack them up a litttle bit, too, I've written a half dozen or so articles on how to get the most out of Entrecard - and continue to add to them as I learn more.

I never quite do things the way designers intend us to and, for now, Entrecard seems surprisingly ok with that.

Anyways, here they are. Hope they serve you well...

Sam Freedom's Entrecard Articles Enjoy!

sleeeeepy... you are feeling sleeeepy,

~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said...

hi hi :) this is Thai Boxing Girl here and my blog, though nothing remotely on thai boxing, is an easy read about the happenings around me...and mainly my 2 months 3 days old (as of today) baby!!

Do check out my older posts about the horrors i encounter with different gynaes in my country!!

Please feel free to drop by if you want some easy yet personal reading experience!!


84735 said...

Hypnosis has always intrigued me ... The mind and the subtle tunes of pain and euphoria we merrily dance to !

((( Good Vibes )))