Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Quest Continues

A few Sunday's ago I mentioned a friend who wanted me to hypnotize her so she would lose the desire for a mate. Well, she has kept in touch with me, though I have quite refused to do any sort of hypnosis with her other than maybe working on self-esteem and inspiring more independence.

She has been prowling (sorry luv, but that is what it is)the online dating sites (p.s.Michael, you got an LOL from her about your comments on that posting). The latest she is spending some time with is a free dating site called So, this afternoon, I went onto the site with her as she wanted my opinion about some of her "picks." Yes, we gals do that sort of thing, you know. It is a pretty easy site to navigate and it offers a unique search idea; that of "date ideas." You can see what sort of dates people are thinking of within certain criteria (location, price, time). No one in our search criteria offered any sort of date that involved hypnosis - I realize perhaps this begins to get into the world of hypno fetish, but it could be fun for two people who are hypnotists to take each other on guided visualizations to interesting places. Just a thought.

The one thing about the site that I do not like is that it is hard to search for anyone with similar interest. Apparently looks, location, age, occupation, political views, incomes, religion, children, drinking and smoking are the main things. That is not entirely fair, they do offer personality type as well. It seems fairly in depth otherwise, but what if one wants to find someone with an interest in hypnosis and that is the most important thing to that person? Not that my friend is that interested in hypnosis, but I thought it was a good point.

In this process, what she realizes is that she does not really know what she wants in a partner. So, I have agreed to work with her a bit on looking inwardly to find some answers. It should be interesting.

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