Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Morning and the Mixer

Morning...she said shuffling to the coffee pot, sticking the coffee filter in its place, pouring in the water and hitting the grind button. She looks at her feet, which are being stepped upon by two noisy cats wishing to be indulged with their breakfast. After seeing to this, she slides into her chair and faces another laptop morning. And so it is with me, a pleasant ritual, a rite of passage for the rest of the day.

But sometimes, yes, sometimes, I crave a different beat for the beginning of the morning - something that will pep up the day and renew myself for the blogging and hypnosis world. Very recently, I posted a fun little post and video about my Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer fantasy and low and behold the unreal happened. I have been propelled into the another consciousness, that of being one of the winners of this very thing.

It arrived pronto yesterday morning, all boxed and handed to me by a very sassy UPS delivery guy. It took all my meditative power not to just tear into it, but to open the box in an adult, sophisticated, coffee drinker way. Slowly, carefully, patiently.

Now there it sits on the counter, all lemon yellow and POWER, waiting, just waiting. And the moment arrives. This is the answer to my morning craving.

I present to you, my Hamilton Beach® Mixer morning (along with the recipe):

The Transparent Hypnotist's Recipe for Excellent Coffee
  • Enough coffee to make a really strong pot
  • A dash of Cinnamon
  • A small carton of heavy whipping cream

  • Before making the pot of coffee in whatever way that suits you, add the dash of cinnamon into the ground coffee. You may want to make this pot a bit stronger than normal. Allow the coffee to go through its natural coffee making cycle.
  • While the coffee is dripping, perking, boiling, or whatever your method, attach the whipping tool to your mixer, pour the heavy whipping cream into the mixing bowl and set the speed on a higher one (8-10 on the Eclectrics® Mixer.), and whip the cream until it forms peaks.
  • When the coffee is finished and is almost ready to consume, pour a cup and place a dollop (or two...or three) onto of the coffee. Sprinkle this with a little more cinnamon, and you are almost done.
  • Then take the coffee to your computer hangout, visit me, the transparent hypnotist, and savor your new morning side of adventure.

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