Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Potential of Using Hypnosis with Deep Brain Stimulation

As a hypnotist I occasionally run into things that I would rather not know. This ranges from people growing up in abusive households to certain medical procedures. Just the idea of these procedures is enough to turn my blood cold, but then I have to remind myself I am too far into this to turn my back on a few queasy moments.

Today is a case in point. I had a consultation with a young woman whose mother is dealing with Parkinson's disease. It is not so much the disease that requires my services but to assist with another therapeutic procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation (this is the part I almost would rather not know about). According to an article on about Parkinson's disease, this procedure is a form of brain surgery, where electrodes are implanted into areas of the brain to stimulate it. A battery runs this and is placed under the skin in the patient's chest. The battery creates electrical signals. These signals are there to block any abnormal nerve signals that cause the Parkinson tremors.

From what the daughter tells me, her mother has the same reaction I have to this therapy. It sounds great, but I would not want to go through it - neither does she. However, she has read about hypnosis as being a possible way to get through the treatment (that and from the recent post about hypnosis used for anesthesiology for tonsillectomies). If the treatment works out, it will be the difference between living with her family or living in nursing homes for the rest of her existance, not to mention the symptoms of Parkinson's, as well.

So, the next step will involve me meeting with her and if she feels good about me, we will go forward by discussing with her doctor the potential of her using hypnosis to get through the procedure.

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