Sunday, December 16, 2007

An Act of Kindness Question

So, it is Sunday and it is the day before Bloggers Unite Day's Acts of Kindness. And yes, as a hypnotist that has bought into the blogging community, I can hardly let this go by without participating. Plus, kindness has been a key stone to my practice and probable success as a hypnotist, so this is pretty important. It only takes a few of us to create the momentum of change, a butterfly effect that may be felt well out into the world. I tend to believe it should not just be one day that we do acts of kindness, but an everyday occurrence, but hey, it is great to make it a center piece of the day.

Basically, I am still mulling over my own participation, so I am sure you will read about it tomorrow (yep, ya gotta come back). But, if you are planning to participate or want know more, click here for the press release. And of course, you are welcome to post here if you are participating.

But, this leads me to the Sunday Question:

Is there such a thing as a true act of kindness, in that the act does not benefit the person doing it, or is this not a factor?

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