Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ellie's Favorite Five - Hypnosis Intake Forms

Since one of the subjects that we are focusing on are intake forms, I have included links for Ellie's favorite five intake forms. They are all very different, but worth sharing. There is a lot one can learn by looking at these.

  1. Harwell Hypnosis & Healing - Janet Harwell's intake form is very inclusive and makes a point of mentioning the comfort process, in other words, does the client wear contacts and is it a problem to have one's eyes closed for a 45 minutes or more duration. It also ask about hearing problems (brilliant) and if the client would like any religious references mentioned. It is available online as a word document or a PDF.
  2. Advanced Hypnotherapy Services - Rex A. Jones's intake form is a three page PDF download. It includes a disclosure and consent form for hypnosis/hypnotherapy, client history and medical background, and a client consulting agreement that both Rex and the client signs. This is very straight forward and basic, but the addition of the disclosure and agreement as a nice touch of professionalism.
  3. Insyht Hypnotherapy - Natasha Khachaturian has her intake form as a form to be filled out online. It asks both medical information and questions about the client's goals and has great functionality to it.
  4. Addison Hypnosis Center - John Evans' intake form is short and sweet. I love the questions "What are you doing, feeling, thinking or saying to yourself that you would like to change?" and "What experience would you like to be having instead?" This is a text format download.
  5. Vital Voice - Joanne Padawer's intake form blew me away. It is a 12 page download, but talk about thorough. Six pages are typical hypnosis intake questions with a fair amount of space to give answers. It also includes a stress level profile, a challenges checklist, and a release statement.


kathryn said...

Thanks for posting these Ellie. While I don't practice hypnosis, it's really useful to see what questions other practitioners ask. I'm currently reviewing my nutrition clinic forms, so this is good timing. Food for thought anyway.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Most excellent. Kismet, then? I would think several of the questions on these would be good for your practice as well.

Exuberancehypno said...

Hi Ellie,

Great post. I think this really shows that us hypnotists, or hypnotherapists, are as different as chalk and cheese and as well as adapting our techniques and methods for our clients it shows that most of us have preferred techniques and methods ourselves.

The main purpose of any session should of course be to help the client achieve what they want to achieve whether a 12 page intake form or a 12 second chat is used prior to the therapuetic work.

Great blog, I'll be back to visit when I have a coffee and a few spare minutes.

Kind regards,

Dave Sabat.

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The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dave! I'll look forward to having coffee with you:)