Monday, December 10, 2007


Here we are again. The start of another week, and yet, the same old tea. Perhaps a slice of sweet potato pie for breakfast would be a nice change.

One person answered my pole this week on intake sheets (thank you for that). Did the rest of you find it uninteresting, not clear, or could not relate to it? Hmmm. Perhaps I should keep the poll more general? Any thoughts? It really is my goal to keep this interesting for those returning. If there is something else you would like to see here, please let me know.

I do like to keep the polls going with a similar theme to things that are happening on the blog. So maybe, this new one will be about the internal mind processes.

The recent postings here have been about the analytic mind. I may have done it a great disservice by throwing in the word "creative." Though testing for the analytical mind may sound similar to Myers Briggs, it really is not. It all has to do, I believe, with how one processes information given by a particular hypnotist. And it may also have to do with time. There are times personally when I do extremely well, if not better, with analytic inductions. This is usually when I am in a group session or feel uncomfortable. However, with others, I do really well with relaxation processes and visualization.

When I get a little more time, I will post what I really think about analytic testing and such.

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