Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Marketing Idea and a Blog Review

One of my dearest friends, who has just received his certification in hypnosis(NGH), lives in California. A recent phone conversation between us became a brain storming session. He is one of those souls who got into mental health and addiction counseling because he felt the angry bite of drug addiction. Chasing dragons grew tiresome for him and he spent a few years in various programs and treatment centers, and this made him weary. What turned his life around was, you guessed it, hypnosis. Since then he has been devoted to hypnosis and preaching its good word.

In looking at the Los Angeles Criminal Defense Blog | California Criminal Attorneys Law Blog, I was pleased to find their posting on how they deal with their clients who have drug related offenses. They work toward getting the client treatment as part of the sentencing as opposed to just allowing clients to be thrown into jail. There may be cynics reading this who smirk at the idea (I have a few clients who went this route, thought rehab was a joke, but the eventually ended up at my doorstep looking for help).

On a side note, the above mentioned blog is interesting because it does not rely on legaleses to get their points across. It is written for the "everyman" and is quite informative. That is the positive thing about the blogisphere, it makes complicated subjects more understandable and in the case of the blog in question, it makes the lawyers seem less intimidating. (P.S. the above photo is the lawyer who writes the blog).

So, in talking to my friend, he was such a person who did avoid jail time and embraced the recovery process. In our brain storming, it became really clear that he should make himself know to lawyers. How often we forget that they might refer clients our way. We got lost in the whole issue of regression hypnosis somewhere. But there is so much more we can offer, such as being part of the addiction cessation processes, anger management, and probably much more.

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