Thursday, December 27, 2007

Perfection - The First Day of My Life With The iTouch

It is not just a New Year's Resolution. It is an everyday thing - this quest for self-perfection. Always the weight watching, the proper diet, could I be a better person,am I getting enough exercise, should I be more fluent in another language, could I sleep better and the list goes continues to amass.

So here it is, the first day of the rest of my life with a new iTouch (the new baby in the long line of Apple products). You might be saying to yourself, "What does this have to do with self-betterment?" And, as you can imagine, I am going to tell you.

As a professed user of self-hypnosis, visualization, meditation, and the Internet, the iTouch is not just a tool, but a proper partner for life's little adventures. Its graphic interface (sweet little icons) and touch screen technology make it extremely easy to use - intuitive, one might say. That's the visualization part. Then there is the expansive sound that come through the little white ear phones, perfect for listening to both self-hypnosis audios or meditation sounds. And because of these ear phones, it means it is completely individualized, or in other words, your partner is not forced to pick up the suggestions for weight loss or the Russian word for Hello when you play your audios on the house sound system. It is also extremely light weight and portable, so it can go anywhere you go - the top of an isolated mountain to explore consciousness or a library to look up the latest in self-help books. The light weight design makes it pocket, purse, or laptop case compatible. And, if you ever wondered what your finger print resembles, you need only to touch its shiny body and there it is. (Some might say this is not such a great feature - but you can judge a book by its cover, yahda, yahda, yahda).

But, I digress. This is the first day of the rest of my life with my new iTouch companion. As always, I had my coffee, but this time with a twist. Sitting on the back porch, I slipped the headphones on and began the day with a soome Louie Armstrong and also read through my favorite blogs - yes all on the iTouch at the same time thanks to the Wi-Fi feature. Now you may be wondering how one reads websites with the little screen. Basically, you tap what you want to read and it zooms in and enlarges the image or text. Didn't even need the reading glasses.

Once properly caffeinated, it was time to advance to a higher consciousness with a kindness guided meditation that I downloaded directly onto the iTouch. Easy peasy. A deep breath in, a search though the Apple Store for a free podcast featuring guided meditation. A deep breath out, download completed (maybe not quite that fast) and I was in that meditative state of graceful awareness.

From this point on, I decided to get the blood pumping, the body moving. What better time to learn to tango? A short perusal through the cyberworld's youtube videos and I had the visualization all worked out in no time. An ebook lead me step by step through the beginnings of the dance. Note to self - when leading a tango with an imaginary partner, do watch out for walls. They can be quite painful.

While cooling down, I switched over to an audio book and began Russian lessons (I like the way the language sounds). The cat was not moved when I began practicing the words out loud.

And soon enough, it was time for a short afternoon nap. I have been wanting to try out a self-hypnosis audio on sleeping better. And that too was an easy download. I got all comfy on the bed and began the audio. Soon enough I began the process of letting go, slipping into a light alpha state. However, I was not to remain alone in this endeavor. The cat, sensing a quiet peacefulness in contrast to the harsh resonate sounds of the Russian lesson, joined me on the bed as well. They say animals are in a constant alpha state and are drawn to humans who access it. Perhaps this was the case?

And so we settled in, slept soundly, and here I am, writing this homage to the iPod Touch. It isn't just for your teenager, the studious college student, the hip 20 something. It is a true companion in a quest for self-betterment and peacefulness.

Want to know more about the iTouch? Visit Apple's iTouch webpage for more information.

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Changeandgrow said...

Anybody that listens to Satchmo, definitely has taste! I never thought there would be a gadget for self-actualization, but you convinced me!