Saturday, December 15, 2007

Esoteric Chocolate Hypnosis

Perhaps it is a hot chocolate sort of morning. Ever since getting the new mixer, my taste buds are going a bit insane, so when I saw a review for the Dessert Studio at Chocolate Michel Cluizel in New York, I had to talk about it on an Esoteric Saturday.

Now a lot of the men who read this site might be rolling their eyes - woman and chocolate, but I would dare say this is so much more than your variety suburbanite chocolate. How sad, I am salivating and my passion has been inflamed.

Okay, it maybe more the review than the place(though I some how doubt it), but Ryan Sutton from wrote this most tantalizing review, and related his experience with a chocolate and spirits tasting to hypnosis. It is brilliant. And I figure, if I can relate to it, those of you reading this would as well.

Yes, I am ready to buy chocolate. And for those of you out there who are tsk-tsking me for daring to talk about this chocolate and spirits urge of mine in relation to a hypnosis blog, I might be tempted to say that I think it is important to stress that we are all human. Moderation is good. But pleasure is also important. Perhaps it is earthly, but here we are...on earth...and denial gets you no where.

So, now if you are ready, off you go to the wild world of chocolate hypnosis.

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