Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts on Acts of Kindness

I am just warming up here. Literally.

Currently I am working on my Bloggers Unite Kindness project, so I am still not ready to disclose it. Trust me, it will be worth coming back. Call it my early Welcome Winter gift to you.

Thank you to all of you who actually participated in this week's poll. You can see the results on the Poll Results posting here. Hope you will participate in this weeks!

With that said, kindness is the topic of the day (yes, we will return to our discuss on forms of hypnosis - specifically authoritarian hypnosis). Yesterday the question I gave you to ponder for the week was: Is there such a thing as a true act of kindness, in that the act does not benefit the person doing it, or is this not a factor?

Guess I shall go ahead and answer this (remember you are invited to do the same). I think acts of kindness do benefit both the receiver of the kindness and the giver. A small act of kindness can change another's outlook for the better so quickly. As for the giver, it can also change that person's outlook as well. If the kindness is well received there can be wonderful feelings related to just knowing you have done something completely pleasant for someone else. It can make you feel fabulous about yourself. And even if the kindness goes unnoticed, at least there is something in knowing that you tried to add a little pleasantness to the world, rather than something a little negative. And yes, I think it should be a factor that the giver gets something good out of the act as well. It is like being rewarded for being positive, thus reinforcing the good behavior.

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