Monday, December 24, 2007

A Late Question

Well, shoot! If you have not noticed, I am still on the road this holiday season. I had used something called the time cave to send in my post, and as they say, not all messages are delivered successfully. And they mean that! Here I am, struggling to find a wi-fi place on my travels and I discover that no Sunday question was posted. Urrrrr!!!!

So, the Sunday question becomes a Monday one:

What is the greatest gift that you have given or received?

For the faithful hypnosis fans, any answer that relates to hypnosis would be great, but hey, it is the Holiday season so any answer would be fabulous.

Since, a lot of times I answer my questions on Monday, I will go ahead and post my answer to that question now (being that it is Monday). The greatest gift that I think I offer to those who seek my services is the idea of self-discovery and self-trust, in that I think learning that we all have all the solutions we need for our lives locked somewhere with us, finding this in one self is gift. And of course, the greatest gift I have received is the same, learning that I have this capacity within myself.

What say you?

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