Monday, August 13, 2007

Meteors, NGH, Copper Braclets and Catching-up

Good morning. Notice no exclamation point. Too little sleep and no Earl Grey and I have an insane craving for a cup happening at this very moment.

Morning came easily, but coherency is not. Did any one else stay awake trying to watch the Perseid meteor shower? If so, what did you think? This was the first year I actively tried to watch it. What I saw was a succession of what looked like shooting stars, but usually several minutes apart. Interestingly enough, before I gave into sleep, I suppose I was in that wonderful light hypnotic state. So, when a bright meteor hit the atmosphere, it was just like the momentary jarring of sound during a hypnotic session, the type used for deepening a trance. Has anyone used visuals for this sort of thing before to help deepen the level of hypnosis?

So, here I am, with little sleep, but my ever present loyalty to this blog habit dictates that I try to write something readable.

Yes, I am still hung up on the NGH Conference, as you can tell from this weeks poll. Paul and I discussed it at the end of last week and he mentioned another conference happening in February. So, if you go to other conventions or conferences, please feel free to mention them here.

And a while back, I mentioned I was trying a copper bracelet with magnets to see if it could help lessen my head aches. I still do not know if it has helped this as I have changed allergy medication, increased meditation, and there has been a season change. However, it does seem to be helping my wrist. I still notice that when I do wear it and spend the day on the computer, my wrist feels nimble. When I do not wear it and work long hours on the computer, it starts to feel stiff and sore.

Oh, and we are in the process of scheduling a time for me to try paintball.

There, I think I have caught up a few lose ends. Hope everyone's week is starting out well.


Anonymous said...

Some advice I heard once from a friend: when you go to participate in paintball, wear loose-fitting clothing. It deadens the impact a bit. Those little balls of paint travel at a very impressive velocity and a hit from close range can sting.

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Sounds more appealing than ever. Not. LOL.

But who knows,maybe with the right-fitted clothing I might just find a new passion. Hmmm. The Transparent Paintballer.