Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Horror of It All

It has been a very, VERY long day - and not a particularly fabulous one at that, but I am sure that you will read more about all that on upcoming posts. For now, I just want to kick off my shoes, may be have a soothing cup of herbal tea (and jeez, I have to cut my fingernails for the tap, tap, tap, clicking sounds are really annoying), and de-stress here for a few moments.

You know, (you do not, of course) that one of the first things I ever thought about being hypnotized for was to handle horror movies better. No, I do not have a horror movie phobia, but my amygdala is fairly certain, that though most are fiction, I think they could be true. Intelligence wise, I know this is not the case, but after seeing a horror movie, it is perhaps possible that my house is haunted, there is a psycho in the back seat of my car, the person I sat next to on the underground is a ghost, or any such combination. I thought it might be nice to be hypnotized to believe that these are just movie's, not Ellie Blunt's life.

However, even with this, I LOVE horror movies. I grew up with Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and Jason what's-his-name. I know them as well as I know the Pythagorean theorem from geometry.

Now I discover, I have new problem in my life.

Rob Zombie.

More to the point, Rob Zombie's Halloween the movie. I just saw the teaser for it (see below). Oh, it calls to me, so seductive, so sweet. Why, it is my old childhood friend, returned to give me another chapter of sleepless nights. And GOD the temptation is huge. But I have some time, just enough to see a good hypnotist or to resist it. It is being released on August 31.

I am not sure you could say the original, John Carpenter's Halloween or any of its seven sequels are among my favorite horror movies. I am not so good when it comes to picking favorites, but I think it was the first horror movie I ever saw and one that influenced my lust for the genre. It also premeditated many a nightmare (so perhaps it accomplished its scary goal). So maybe I should just say it is my favorite and I have enjoyed watching Jamie Lee Curtis deal with her movie brother. The sequel where she continued her original role was particularly touching for a horror movie.

So, here is this new one, the ninth Halloween. It has been called a remake, but it seems from the trailers to talk a lot more about the Michale's time in the institution (after killing his mother). Rather than using a stunt man to play the role, Zombie cast an actor (well, wrestler-turned-actor) Taylor Mane (without the mask, he looks pretty reasonable in your grunge-rocker sort of way - yes, it is the long hair). So, I hope the director (no stranger to the horror genre) is able to bring out some human psyche that we have not seen in the past. If anyone can create a compelling villain, Rob Zombie is probably your man. He has a twisted- down-the-rabbit-hole (not the movie, but our old friend Alice's stomping ground) sanity way about his directing style. He shows more than just gore (though I am sure it will be a fairly large factor). He will probably show something else. The human. The monster. The human monster.

Okay, there. That is better. That was a nice divergence from a bad day. Oh, and if you are curious about this new Halloween the movie, I have included a trailer from YouTube.com. Know any good hypnotist I could see for my little problem? LOL.


Paul said...

I wish I could say I not only understood the genre a bit better but that I also was affected by it in that "special" way that seems to attract so many people. I've never seen a movie that "scares" me, probably has a great deal to do with my hypervigilant nature - I deconstruct most everything in real time and I simply can't turn it off.

Wreaks havoc with my imagination, I assure you, and is one of the reasons I have so much difficulty experiencing trance myself as those persons around me seem to so effortlessly slip right into. Bleh...

I have vague recollections of actually watching the original movie years past. I remember Donald Sutherland in it, and of course, the eternally sexy Jamie Lee Curtis, even in that role, but that's about it. Oh, yeah, a lot of screaming, yelling, gurgling, slashing, hacking, blood-splattering, and all those other fantastic things most typified by such movies. :D

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

At this time, I do envy you. I would love to be able to go to see Halloween without feeling like Michael was waiting for me to come home.

Some times imagination is highly overrated. LOL.

I am hoping that this movie will veer a little away from the current selection of slasher flicks, such as a certain recently produced Quentin Tarantino movie (I will not give it any real ad space by mentioning it). I do like a little story with my gore.