Sunday, August 5, 2007

Embracing the Stereotype - The Sunday Question

My partner likes to say that there is a reason for stereotypes. Normally, I am the type of gal who prefers to defy such societal constraints (in the most adult way possible of course). But today I feel like embracing the stereotype.

Friday's conversation with Paul inspired today's question:

What would the ultimate prop be (look like, function, etc.) for a prop induction, such as watch or pendulum or what have you and why?

Personally, I rather like the little glow in the dark star I have placed on the wall of a dark corner of the office. It does not require any eye-hand-coordination from me and allows me to give my full attention to the client.

Last year at the NGH conference I attended a very cool seminar on gizmos for inductions (Lee, I think you went to that as well and the hypnotist who presents it is a friend of yours?). She had some great toys and I noticed it is on the schedule this year, so if you have not experienced it, you should check it out.


Anonymous said...

Laura Amoroso, you mean. I've been to her workshop before and it's heaps of fun.

One of the props she used in the workshop I attended was a Dee-light, a magician's prop that creates the illusion of a red glowing light perched on the tip of the magician's thumb that s/he can make appear or disappear at will. Laura showed how easily it could be used as a fixation induction prop for children. Very cool stuff.

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Actually Laura does one, too. but this was another person... I only know this because the one I saw used some of Laura's toys.

Thanks for mentioning her,though. She is a conference vendor, isn't she?

Paul said...

I'm not sure there can be an "ultimate" fixed induction prop, as you put it. Basically anything can be used, but if I were personally choosing a favorite it's a toss-up between the prototypical pocketwatch, nice and and shiny highly polished brass or even gold - for some reason, silver doesn't seem to work as well, never really figured that one out - talk about stereotypes, sheesh - or an incredibly sparkling crystal on a thin black lanyard or just a piece of black string as not to detract from the crystal itself.

It truly is amazing just how powerful the symbolism of hypnosis is represented by a pocketwatch. Walk up to 100 random people on any street anywhere in the world and propose the following:

"Ok, I'll mention a word and you mention an object you instantly associate with the word, sort of like if I say 'mechanic' you might picture a wrench. Got it? Ok, the word is hypnosis..."

I doubt more than 3 or 4 people would mention anything other than a pocketwatch. :) Fun stuff indeed.
I'll have to look into that Dee-Lite device, however. Could prove useful at some point, and doing instant magic coupled with an "instant" fixed induction... w00t! :)

Have fun, always...