Friday, August 3, 2007

Another Snippett

It was good to hear that Paul is still getting the old, "do you use a pocket watch?" question when he tells people of his interest in hypnosis.

I thought of another type of comment I have gotten a few times upon telling people about my involvement with hypnosis.

"That's very interesting. I already quit smoking so I don't really have a need for any hypnosis, but that's very interesting."

This is a fun response because it says so much. It says that they at least heard what you said. It says they know just a little about hypnosis. It says either you are coming off with a marketing pitch in your introductions (which I suppose is quite possible) or that that is how they network: looking for that balance of what can I do for you, what can you do for me. I suspect the answer is how that comment is delivered. It may also say, I would like to hear more or change the subject please. Gosh but I love social communication.

But, no matter what, it is still a great opening for, "Ah, true enough, but there is so much more that hypnosis is used for these days."

That keeps the dialogue flowing and voilà, instant education opportunity.

Perhaps this is arcane subject matter for me to bring up, but there was a time when such comments would end the conversation with me (I can be a little slow on the uptake), but I have gotten it enough that I finally understand it could make for an interesting conversation.


Paul said...

Ah, conversation, that most magical of all human abilities. The need to communicate, the hesitation of saying the right thing, the fear of offending when it was never the intention, etc. So many variables that come into play.

And that's only the 15% that's consciously controlled and consciously noted - it's the other 85% that matters the most: the unconscious behaviors and mannerisms as well as signals that our primitive mammalian consciousness just doesn't "get" that causes most of the problems.

I've never had a situation where people shy away when I tell them I'm a hypnotist; in fact it usually sparks the conversation into more activity, actually. That's a good thing, but only to the extent that I can control the situation and keep it from turning into the aforementioned "So you're gonna try and put me to sleep, yeah right" kind of discussion.

In the long run, being a hypnotist is not something you can just turn off: you're a hypnotist 24/7, so in such situations you've got to take control and be the hypnotist as well. Lead the client or the discussion, take charge where noted, offer information, and then let them go from there. You'll encounter people that simply won't ever believe it till they've forgotten the number 6 (just kidding), or people that are junkies for it (always fun, up to a point), but either way they learn something in the process.

And learning should always be fun, right? Why can't teaching be just as fun if not more so?

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I like - Be the hypnotist.

Paul said...

And just for the record, no, I don't own a pocketwatch. I do have a crystal I found years ago that has a pleasant sparkle quality to it, but still not quite what I want, actually. The Wife likes it, however. But she's so conditioned to going into trance for me all I have to do is basically look at her the right way or touch her (touch triggers = best anchors for a deaf person) and wham, she's gone.

Now if only I had such things... geez. Life would be so much more interesting. :)

But someday I'll find a decent pocketwatch and embibe it with all my mystical hypno-powers!!! MUAHAHAHA - ok, just kidding. Gotta have fun, you know. :P

Have fun, always...