Friday, August 31, 2007

A Little Zen for the Day

My partner gets a daily quote of Zen sent to his email. Most of the time he shakes his head and hits "delete." Then sometimes, they suddenly ping into my email, such as this one.

He said after reading my comments on regression and seeing the "truth," this one was meant for me (and now you):

In your heart you already know

Perhaps sometimes, we need a hypnotist to help us see what the heart really says.

Hope you all have a great Friday.

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Paul said...

I wish I could say it didn't hit me just now when I read that, but I'm a big fan of fortune cookies - since I came to Las Vegas in 1997 (10 years, w00t!) I've saved every single fortune I've found inside a fortune cookie from every Chinese joint I've had a meal at. That includes little single spot Chinese restaurants and my fave place here in Vegas, Panda Express. Some higher power have mercy on me 'cause I can't resist the Orange Chicken. :)

And the truly unusual, odd, weird, quirky - you pick any word you want - thing about them is that more often than not when I get one they're pretty much spot on in that moment, as the one you just shared from your friend was (not that it's a "fortune" from a cookie but, even so).

My first published story is called "When Opportunity Knocks," and a few days ago my Wife and I had lunch at Panda Express (no surprise there). I had just re-read that first story about a week ago and noticed just how many errors I'd made in terms of grammar, verb tense, etc.

Lo and behold, the fortune in my cookie during that lunch was:

"Opportunity knocks on your door every day. Answer it."

Neat stuff, huh? :)

Have fun, always...