Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And sometime I think about moving...

Maybe it is the full moon (or semi-full) or maybe it is just something within me that makes me restless, but every now and then I harbor a fantasy about moving. And I have done this, uprooted myself at various times and started fresh. It is completely invigorating. And yes, I even think of moving when I am perfectly content where I am. Perhaps I am an adventurer at heart. Perhaps that explains some of the hypnosis affinity, it is never the same day twice.

So sometimes, I curb the urge for new ground just by looking and thinking about where I would go. Realize I have thought about places from Boise, Idaho (which I really like by the way) to Madagascar. And thanks to our pal the ol' Internet, our connecting force, my imagination is given cart blanc.

You really should try this, just looking into the idea of moving. Sometimes I find getting wrapped up in the little details makes me lose interest pretty quickly. But sometimes not. And I do not mean looking at the glamorous "this is what I would like life to be" concept, but more in line with "this is my life now and how I would do it." This means considering total relocation, selling houses, finding a new place to live and work, all that fun stuff.

Now for this little project, I am all about easy. There are websites or portals that you can go to, such as the ones from National Relocation. This gives a definite idea of what it really means to relocate. they have it all, movers, agents, loan officers - works. If you would need to consider selling your home, that means finding out its value and that of the potential place of movement. You can find all this on their real estate section. And once you have a good idea about that, it is time to be realistic, not in desire, but in what you can afford. They have a mortgage section that explains what kinds of loans are available and you can get mortgage quotes (though I would not indulge in wasting some poor loan officer's time unless I was serious). And if you are really into the whole realistic fantasy (which I admit I tend to fall into this category...if one must categorize) you can consider the idea of snapping up foreclosures. Your dream house may be there, waiting for someone to not make their payments. If you look at the stats in a specific area that you are interested in, it is truly amazing what you will find. In all honesty though, I find foreclosures to be a sad idea, bad karma or something. Just because some one had some misfortune does not mean some one else should benefit by it. But this is my fantasy, feel free to do as you please.

Now once you have done this realistic fantasy thing, you may find yourself totally stressed, which may make the day to day where you are seem just a bit better, or perhaps if you are like me, you will see the wonderful potential of adventure out there just waiting to be had - if not in acquisition, in dreams. Then again, maybe you will be truly sparked into momentum and find yourself really going somewhere new.

Today, I made arrangements to move to Connecticut. Perhaps tomorrow I will consider Kansas. I hear Manhattan is nice.


Paul said...

Yah, I spent time from roughly 18 years old to 37-ish being a nomadic geek, more or less. Cross country (the US) on Greyhound buses about 22 times since 1987 or so: leave home, return home, leave home, return home, etc. From the east coast literally wading in the Atlantic on Virginia Beach to Spokane, from Atlantic City to a little town just 2 miles off the California-Mexico border, then back home to Virginia one last time where I was a caregiver for my Mom until her death.

And I'm tired of traveling, so my Wife and I settled in Las Vegas. The dry air here helps her pseudo-asthma, and I've lived here before so I know the town.

And it's the stage hypnosis capital of the world, you know. :)

We've got friends in the Austin, TX, area and I've considered moving once more to be around them, so we'll see what happens. But it's a great idea not only as a visualization exercise but just outright fantasy too: pull up the roots and do it - just do it in the imagination.

Always dreaming...

Finally got up a decent pic of myself, at least I found one I like, taken on my wedding day. :) Now if I can just get that site up and running and make it a smashing success I'll be getting somewhere.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

That's a fun photo.

There is a lot of wisdom in "just do it." Paul, this totally applies to you. Just do it. You will be brilliant.

Paul said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Ellie. We'll see what happens.

Have fun, always...