Friday, August 31, 2007

A Longer Esoteric Saturday

I was thinking about Gloria's idea of starting our own hypnosis cartoon or something that showed a positive side to what we do. And as I was tripping around cyberspace, I watched a 20 minute video project called "The Scarlet Avenger." It is wonderfully camp, but done extremely well with the 1940s genre. Anyway there is the wonderful moment when the villain, "The Skull," tries to hypnotize the heroine. At first, I was about to sigh, roll my eyes and shake my head, but kept watching. I am so glad I did. I think they did a good job with showing certain elements of hypnosis. I will not say much more and let you decide for yourself.

So, sit back, relax...

If you have decided you are now a fan of the Scarlett Avenger or of filmmaker Scott C. Clements, you can stay up to date with him and his blog at

1 comment:

Paul said...

True cornball filmmaking... I love it! hehehe

Best line:

"No librarian would be caught dead in a dress like that!" Hilarious stuff.

Beautiful woman, blank stare, mind control, yeah, mmmm... oh, sorry, did I say that out loud? Got kinda lost in the imagination there. :)

Of course, if I'd just "killed" off The Skull I'd be gunning for that ring myself - who wouldn't? Not everyone had a "world famous hypnotist" for a Dad, you know, so I'm sure you could get a few hits with it. MUAHAHAHA!(ok, enough corny evil laughter for one weekend).

Fun stuff, regardless. Have a wonderful weekend, Ellie.