Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ethics and Doctors

Ethics. What an interesting concept. As I sit with my faithful British Breakfast tea today I am thinking about ethics. Perhaps it is not really ethics but a question of them.

The concept is doctors and our relationship to or with them. I am fairly doctor friendly for the most part - respect what I do and I shall offer the same courtesy. I work with a couple who send me referrals and generally, I consider what I do complimentary to traditional medicine. It is not a substitute.

On my intake form, I ask about current illnesses and if the new client is seeing a counselor, psychologist, etc.

Here is the dilemma. I have several clients who come to me for various needs from addiction elimination to sexual issues. When I ask them about following up with their doctors, counselors, or psychologist, they often (more than not) ask me not to contact them. I always respect the wishes of my clients or I do not take them on in the case of certain mental conditions.

Now, I suspect the doctors and such would still want me to contact them, but as a patient, I have had things in the past that I felt were not any of my GP's business, so I respect my client's desires to do the same.

Any thoughts? And yes, this question is open to anyone at all - clients, doctors, quick browsers...

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Paul said...

I follow the thinking that Gerry Kein teaches at Omni Hypnosis in Florida:

Anytime someone comes to you for an issue that could have a relationship with a medical condition or is serious enough to make you, the hypnotist/hypnotherapist stop and consider the case for even a fraction of a moment, don't proceed with the client until they provide some kind of referral.

Your mention of not taking on clients in some situations related to mental conditions or even possible situations of that nature was great to see. I guess I follow the CYA principle, and I'm sure you know what that is so I'll leave it at that. :)

Hypnosis can do a lot - we all know that, especially those that practice it constantly either for fun, profit, or to help people become better in the ways they want to - but it's not the "magic pill" as I spend time explaining to clients. The desire must exist beforehand or the actual hypnosis/hypnotherapy will fail, every time.

Have fun, always...