Monday, August 6, 2007

Is it Monday Already?

How did that happen? I was just posting Sir Elton, so it seems.

Well, it is Monday and a bit hurried at that. Hopefully yours is more sane?

You have probably seen this week's poll. Still playing off the theme from this past weekend and yesterday. We sort of touched on this as a Sunday Question awhile ago with favorite inductions. This is under the realm of preferred prop, etc. to use during hypnosis (perhaps not just the induction). If you prefer multiple items or something not mentioned (or even want to go into depth more), feel free to post those under the comments on this posting.

And, if you are not a hypnotist, but a client of one and want to answer as to which you have enjoyed the most, well, that counts, too.


Paul said...

After looking at the poll options (can't choose more than one and I think voting more than once isn't possible and would skew the results anyway, I decided to choose words since it's still the predominant format of communication between humans.

Because my Wife is deaf words really have no meaning - and by that I mean the vocalization of the words, not the words themselves. Our original work was done online, text-trances, and then when we met in person I was pleasantly surprised to see that me saying/mouthing the same triggers had precisely the same effect without any need to retrain/recondition her to any specific degree.

While the others tend to be "props" as was brought up in the earlier posting, it's the words that can truly make or break a hypnotic experience. Sure, someone would naturally lapse into a trance of some degree just fixating their eyes on any of the objects listed or techniques, but my personal belief is that the communication, spoken for conscious necessity, and the unspoken non-verbal aspects for the unconscious.

Ok now I'm babbling. :D

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I love this story about your wife and text-trances. You really should write an article about it as most hypnotist know little about it.