Monday, August 27, 2007

Organizations Continued

You may have noticed this week's poll ask about hypnosis organizations. I feel obligated to say the following:

This is not a complete list and I mean no disrespect to any organization left off.

Since no one answered yesterday's question, I had to go with the organizations that I was aware of and could think of this morning. So, if you want to mention an organization not listed in the poll, please feel free to list it in the comment section of this post. If anyone else belongs to organizations mentioned on the comments, feel free to give it a "here here."

Also, for those of you who answered last week's poll on consultations, a few of you mentioned "other." I am curious, what do you mean by "other"?


Paul said...

Well, I was kind of thrown by the "consultations" word, honestly. I don't consider a working "session" with a client "consultation" with them but I didn't want to be the first to step on anyone's toes with the sortakinda accurate vernacular (say that fast 3 times).

So it's clear: I consider a "consultation" a period where someone might visit me and I spend time doing a pre-pre-talk, I guess - and more than likely I wouldn't even charge for it. No actual hypnosis takes place, but I might drop a few waking hypnotic suggestions so they're more relaxed and comfortable during that consultation. A real working session would have provided much different answers; because of my not being 100% sure as to what you define as consultations, I chose pre-talk from the list of choices and that was it.

Hope that clears up at least one person's vote/choices. I'm not sure how other people name their actual work with a client, but for me a consultation is just providing some info to see if the client is interested/serious; a real session is when the real work gets done.

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

We are on the same page;) I proceed as you do, in that I consider a consultation something other than a session appointment. It is a time when I would not charge, but would answer questions, do a lot of pre-talk and probably some convincers.

Thanks for clarifying!